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An example of such an approach is the Labouchere method, which online casinos adopt. Mastering this strategy, on the other hand, is necessary to use its benefits. To learn about the Labouchere betting approach, which is successful, it would be beneficial for you to continue reading. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to tweak this strategy so that online gaming enterprises may use it.

labouchere system

What is the Labouchere System?

What is the Labouchere System

Internet speculators have access to many different betting strategies from which to choose. The Labouchere betting strategy is more complicated than the other betting strategies.

Contrary to the majority of previous approaches, this one does not make use of fixed multipliers. Examples of such systems include the Martingale system and the Fibonacci sequence, among others. On the other hand, you determine the amount of money you will wager on each round based on the payoff you want to get overall.

What is the Effect of the Labouchere System?

What is the Effect of the Labouchere System

With a victory rate of 33.4%, we will be able to stop the streak and earn the amount we have set apart for ourselves. We can understand how the formula is effectively implemented using the preceding example, which consisted of five integers in a series. Imagine that we have already lost one of our bets. To complete the cycle, we need to emerge victorious:

20 20 20 20 20Loss20+20-40
20 20 20 20 20 40Win20+4040+60=20
20 20 20 20Win20+2020+40=60

When all the figures are added up, it becomes clear that the 33.4% win rate that was anticipated has never been achieved. A different ratio can be seen in the statistics presented in the table: 75% victories and 25% defeats.

It has been determined that the concept of 33% can be explained as follows: the lower your total loss, the bigger your total victory must be, but it must be at least 33.34%.

The Strategy Features

The Strategy Features

You need to know which bets are considered outside bets with even odds to use the most critical aspect of the Labouchère Strategy. To begin, there are only five outside bets available to choose from. Considering that the odds on the dozen and column bets are 2-1, we can conclude that these bets are not even regarded as odd bets.

Along the entirety of the Roulette board, players can place one even-odds bet, two red/black bets, and one high/low bet. They are three of the five different outside betting alternatives that are available. As a result of the fact that the Labouchère Strategy was developed only for wagers that pay even odds, you are only able to use these three potential possibilities when betting using the strategy.

Rules of Payouts

Rules of Payouts

If you are new to gambling, you should start by placing bets with even odds. They are if the chance of a 50/50 split is getting closer to being accurate. For example, the probability of receiving tails when you flip a coin is the same as zero. When placing a wager on a coin toss, it is reasonable to provide the possibility of winning even money.

When dice are rolled, however, six different outcomes could occur. If the probability of the number 3 appearing on the wheel is 6-1, it would be prudent to take even money. It would help if you strived for odds of 6-1 or 5-1, or even better. If someone offered even odds on the roll, there is a probability of rolling the dice and getting the numbers 1, 3, or 6, equal to fifty percent (50/50). Taking the opposite side of this wager would be a simple task for you to do.

The Even Odds Bets

The Even Odds Bets

Doing it is a piece of cake. When the odds are even, the payoff is proportional to, or very close to equal to, the amount of money you have the potential to win. Like when you flip a coin, you have an equal and opposite probability of winning depending on the outcome. This match would have odds of 1 to 2, with a return of 2 in the event of a win and 0 in the event of a loss because the odds would be 1 to 2. One dollar is awarded to you whenever you are successful. This is because you will receive a profit of one after it has been returned for your one wager and an additional one as a bonus for winning.

You can apply the same reasoning while playing even-odd bets on roulette, except the house has a little edge.

Additional noteworthy characteristics include the following:

  • You use a string of integers to determine your next wager.
  • You will be able to erase numbers if you are successful.
  • If you experience a loss, the sequence will be increased by one.
  • With each passing round, the stakes can get lower or more prominent.


There is a framework for wagering known as the Labouchère Procedure that is both adaptable and potentially lucrative. It provides a regulated risk environment and the possibility of dependable achievement. In various shots in the dark, you can improve your chances of coming out on top by grasping its criteria and then meticulously executing those standards.

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