Unveiling the Paroli System


If you want to maximize your chances of winning in casino games, one common approach is the Paroli system, which suggests increasing your stake after each victory. It is a positive progression method because it is made to maximize winning streaks. Among other casino games and at top-tier online gambling establishments, the Paroli system applies to blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Learn the ins and outs of the Paroli method, how to apply it to the most popular live casino games, and the benefits and drawbacks of adopting it with this comprehensive tutorial.

Understanding Paroli System

Understanding Paroli System

One kind of positive betting progression is paroli. That which means “one that is equal” in Latin is where the name “par” comes from. The basic idea behind the technique is to double your bet after each win until you get three wins. Since the Italian card game Basset became popular in the 16th century, this strategy has been used successfully on occasion. Even odds bet games like craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow poker, and even blackjack can all benefit from the Paroli betting method. However, it is currently most employed for roulette and baccarat.

The Paroli System: How Does it Work?

If you use the Paroli betting technique, you should aim to win three times in a row, doubling your wager with each victory. Gambling on an even money outcome, as Black in roulette, with a single unit is the starting point for the growth. A further unit will be staked in the event of a loss.

The Paroli System_ How Does it Work

After a successful outcome, the player will proceed to wager two units. If this wager fails, the player will return to betting one unit. Nonetheless, the following wager will be increased to four units—the last stake in the sequence, regardless of the outcome—if the two-unit bet wins. The wager has a one-unit net loss or seven-unit net profit potential, and the subsequent progression starts.

You can better grasp the potential outcomes by grouping the wagers of three to follow a Paroli progression, even though each one must conclude with a loss or three consecutive wins.

First BetSecond BetThird BetNet Result
1 Loss1 Loss1 Loss3
1 Loss1 Loss1 Win1
1 Loss1 Win2 Loss2
1 Loss1 Win2 Win2

If you’re using the Paroli, a positive progression betting system, you should raise your stake after each win and lower it after each loss. After three consecutive victories, the Paroli system instructs you to reset the bet.

The basic Paroli progressive betting procedure is as follows: 

  • Place an even-money wager equal to your base unit wager. 
  • Place a stake of twice the amount if you win. 
  • After three consecutive wins, you can return to betting the standard amount if you lose. 
  • The initial stake should be at most five percent of your overall bankroll, according to numerous specialists who employ the Paroli wagering strategy. 


Due to the high table limits and low house edge, baccarat is known as a game that poses a threat to casinos. Live baccarat used to be only played by high rollers in Asia, but now it’s a staple at every top online casino worldwide. Players are eager to test out a Paroli baccarat strategy because of the game’s high return to player percentage, simplicity, and quickness.

With the Paroli system, a player can bet a certain amount on each hand of baccarat. You can use it for player or banker bets; however, there are better choices than a Paroli baccarat method for betting on a tie. Many followers of the Paroli baccarat technique employ it for banker bets, which have the lowest house edge, even though it is best suited for even-chance wagers.


Players love the Paroli betting strategy in craps because it allows them to ride out winning streaks and keeps loss streaks small and unremarkable. You can use the Paroli method of craps with the kind of 50/50 bets that are outlined in the Paroli method of roulette article up there.

Although most players in the Paroli betting system craps always bet the same way—for example, passing the line—no rule says you can’t switch it up as long as you stick to the 1:1 bets we discussed earlier. You can find them in our tutorials if you want to try out a different system, such as the D’Alembert or Fibonacci systems.

Risk Taking in Using the Paroli System

Risk Taking in Using the Paroli System

Playing only the Paroli betting system carries the risk that one unit loss can pile up and easily outweigh the seven unit gains needed to cover them. Five patterns result in losses on three bets, one pattern breaks even, and only two patterns produce profits, as illustrated in the Table of Outcomes (see above). The sum of all patterns is zero, not profit or loss. As is evident with most betting strategies, this will only pay off when the player’s luck shines.

In addition, you have a slightly higher chance of losing on any given even-money wager than winning it due to the House’s inherent edge in all wagers. Applying the technique to Black bets in European roulette will result in a loss regardless of whether the number is red or zero.


In summary, the Paroli System in 49JILI Casino offers a unique approach to betting, emphasizing positive progression and potential profits. While it can be appealing for those seeking a more conservative strategy, users should be aware of its limitations and exercise prudence in application. Understanding the dynamics of the Paroli System and its suitability to individual gaming styles is essential for maximizing its benefits and mitigating risks.

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