Explore the Depths with Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing-Regal Adventures in Rich Waters

In the captivating underwater world of Royal Fishing, a game crafted by Jili Games and presented by 49JILI, get ready for an adventure where you dive deep into the ocean. Encounter various sea creatures and embark on a journey to scoop up exciting prizes.

Start by choosing your bet and the cost of each shot. Now, step into the shoes of a skilled fisherman! Aim and shoot at your targets, remembering that the size of your target influences your prize. Larger targets offer more significant rewards but require more shots, each with its own cost.

Find your winning strategy, have a great time, and enjoy the Royal Fishing game. Explore similar games from this provider on our website.

Royal Fishing – An Oceanic Escape into Gaming Fun

Royal Fishing - An Oceanic Escape into Gaming Fun

It’s a game where you aim and shoot at fish to win cool rewards. This game is packed with awesome features, and the more you play, the better your chances of winning big. Players love it because it not only looks great but also has special events that make winning rewards easier.

The creators have put a lot of effort into every detail of this game. They’ve ensured it’s visually stunning with effects that create a realistic and fun experience, even during long play sessions.

Royal Fishing is always getting better with more content and improved game design. Its 3D graphics take you to a vast, mysterious ocean, offering an immersive experience. They’ve also focused on making the fish and other sea creatures look amazing. In-game events let you earn money quickly, so it’s a good idea to jump in and start playing for some winnings.

If you’re looking for a game where you shoot fish and have a chance to win real money, 49JILI Online Casino is the place to be. You won’t be disappointed!

Features of Royal Fishing

Features of Royal Fishing
  1. Boom Lobster: When you shoot a lobster, it sets off a massive explosion that can capture nearby fish.
  2. Zap Lobster: This lobster has unlimited ammo and can be used continuously for 15 seconds.
  3. Electric Shockwave: Striking a fish generates a Lightning Chain that electrifies nearby fish.
  4. Blast Crab: If you shoot a crab, it detonates, bringing down other fish in the vicinity.
  5. Sea Lord Bosses: The game includes powerful Sea Lord bosses, providing a true challenge to overcome!

Unique Fish for Earning Bonuses

Unique Fish for Earning Bonuses
  1. Whirlwind Lobster: Shoot at this lobster, and it pierces through fish, creating a blast that can yield you extra catches.
  2. Thunderstrike Lobster: This lobster provides a 15-second spree where it automatically shoots Thunderbolt bullets, and you may extend this free playtime.
  3. Lightning Strike Combo: This special fish generates a chain of lightning, electrifying nearby fish until you cease targeting them.
  4. Explosive Charge Crab: If you shoot this crab, it causes a massive explosion, potentially capturing other fish in the blast.
  5. Invincible Bosses Golden Toad & Ancient Crocodile: When these powerful bosses appear, you have the opportunity to keep winning rewards until they leave.
  6. Awakened Boss Ice Phoenix: Conquering certain bosses triggers a potent attack, boosting your chances of a significant win.
  7. Chainlong King’s Wheel: Capture the Chainlong King, and a wheel appears. You can choose when to stop it, and the numbers on the outer and inner rings determine your multiplier, reaching up to 350 times.
  8. Unleash Dragon Fury: While firing your shots, you accumulate wrath points. Once these points reach their maximum limit, you can unleash the powerful Dragon Fury, causing a spectacular meteorite attack at the screen’s center. Remember, the number of wrath points you collect depends on your bet size and is fully consumed when you use Dragon Fury. Additionally, if you leave the game or experience a disconnection for more than three minutes, your accrued wrath points will reset. Therefore, strategic play and timing are crucial for maximizing this thrilling feature.

Reeling in Rewards – Tips and Tricks for Royal Fishing

Reeling in Rewards - Tips and Tricks for Royal Fishing

Aim for Groups of Fish

Shoot at clusters of fish to avoid wasting shots and losing money. Even if you miss one, you might hit another, saving your cash. This way, you can eliminate multiple creatures with a single shot.

Team Up Against Tough Bosses

Taking down powerful bosses alone is challenging. Formidable bosses offer great rewards, but they’re hard to beat solo. With up to four players in a room, wait for friends to join and help you tackle these imposing foes. Trying to defeat them solo can be costly and time-consuming.

Choose Your Room Wisely

Be careful when picking a playing room. Select a room with reasonable bets to manage your finances. Avoid high-stakes rooms without careful consideration to prevent unintentional losses, protecting your financial well-being.


  1. Common Fish Payouts:
  • Reward: Double to fifty-five times your initial bet.
  1. Special Fish Payout Rates:
  • Lobsters: Pay from twenty to eighty times your bet. (20x-80x)
  • Lightning Chain: Offers a sixty times payout. (60x)
  • Bomb Crab: Pays seventy times your bet. (70x)
  • Golden Toad: Rewards range from fifty to one hundred and twenty times your bet. (50x-120x)
  • Ancient Alligator: Yields between sixty and one hundred and fifty times your bet. (60x-150x)
  • Whales: Bring luck and can pay out from ninety to one hundred and fifty times your bet. (90x-150x)
  • Lucky Dragon: Offers payouts from one hundred and twenty to two hundred times your bet. (120x-200x)
  • Phoenix Ice: Odds range from one hundred and eighty to three hundred times your bet. (180x-300x)
  • Dragon King Wheel: This special feature can pay from one hundred and thirty-five to three hundred and fifty times your bet. (135x-350x)


Focus on targeting groups of fish, team up against big bosses, and choose your room wisely to manage your bets effectively.

Explore features like Boom Lobster, Zap Lobster, Electric Shockwave, Blast Crab, Sea Lord Bosses, and more for an exciting gaming experience.

Yes, the game allows up to four players in the same room, providing a collaborative experience to tackle formidable bosses and enjoy the adventure together.

Your winnings depend on the type of fish you capture, with different payout rates for common fish, lobsters, lightning chain, bomb crab, golden toad, ancient alligator, whales, lucky dragon, phoenix ice, and the Dragon King Wheel.

Target schools of fish to save shots, collaborate with friends to defeat big bosses, and carefully choose your playing room based on reasonable bets to ensure an enjoyable and responsible gaming experience.


In conclusion, immersing yourself in the Royal Fishing on 49JILI ensures a captivating underwater escapade brimming with excitement. The alluring features like Boom Lobster and unique fish bonuses present exhilarating opportunities for significant rewards. Ongoing improvements and careful attention to detail, highlighted by visually stunning 3D graphics, enhance the overall gaming experience. Dive into the 49JILI ishing game realm, participate in special events, and discover a gaming experience that seamlessly combines enjoyment with the chance to secure real winnings.

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