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Monopoly Big Baller - Roll the Balls Win the Lines

Monopoly Big Baller is a lively game show by Evolution with a bingo-style twist. It’s like a mix of Mega Ball and Monopoly Live, being the second game show to feature the famous Monopoly game board in its bonus rounds.

The game has a riverboat theme and uses a Bingo-style machine as its main in-game mechanic. Winning big on the Bingo Cards is possible, thanks to free spaces and multipliers that enhance payouts. Additionally, the 3 and 5 Rolls bonus rounds can bring in substantial wins as Mr.Monopoly  moves around the board collecting multipliers.

Monopoly Meets Bingo – The Magic of Monopoly Big Baller Revealed

Monopoly Meets Bingo - The Magic of Monopoly Big Baller Revealed

Monopoly Big Baller is like a bingo game but with 4 Bingo cards. You win prizes by completing lines on your Bingo cards, with payouts ranging from 2 times to 199 times depending on the card. There are two extra bonus cards, the 3 Rolls and five rolls. Completing either or both grants access to the Monopoly board bonus round. Each card has 25 numbers in a 5×5 grid. In each game round, the presenter draws 20 balls from a Bingo machine with 60 colored balls numbered 1-60.

There are two varieties of bingo cards:

  1. The Chance card has a multiplier in the middle, boosting payouts for any completed line passing through it.
  2. The alternative card type is the Free Space card, featuring a center spot that acts as a free space, aiding in completing lines that pass through the center.

After the cards are assigned their numbers, Mr. Monopoly randomly introduces multipliers and Free spaces. This enhances the likelihood of completing lines and amplifying payouts.

Things to Know Before Playing Monopoly Big Baller

Things to Know Before Playing Monopoly Big Baller
  • You can choose the type and quantity of Bingo cards, deciding between Chance and Free Space cards. 
  • There are three types of multipliers: one for the entire card, one for a line, and one for a number. 
  • A line multiplier can give you up to 50 times your bet, and the minimum payout for a line is twice your bet. 
  • To win the 3 Rolls, you need three numbers, and for the 5 Rolls, you need four numbers. 
  • If you achieve 3 and 5 rolls simultaneously, you trigger two bonus rounds. 
  • The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 96.10%.

Easy Guide – Playing Monopoly Big Baller

Easy Guide - Playing Monopoly Big Baller
  1. The game kicks off with a 12-second betting window.
  2. Start by choosing the number of bingo cards and whether to include bonus round cards.
  3. Mixing Chance and Free Space cards is flexible. You decide the quantity of each; strategy details follow.
  4. Once your bet amount is set, click the bet spot on the chosen cards.
  5. Random numbers fill the four bingo cards and the three and five-roll bonus cards.
  6. When betting time ends, MR. MONOPOLY activates the lever, adding random multipliers and free spaces to cards.
  7. The bingo ball machine picks 20 balls from 60 colored ones bouncing inside the orb.
  8. As each ball is drawn, a red dot marks the number on the card. Stats update on the screen.
  9. After all 20 balls are drawn, the game tallies win lines and applies active multipliers.
  10. If you win, your payout is shown on the screen.

Essential Features You Should Know About Monopoly Big Baller

Essential Features You Should Know About Monopoly Big Baller

Understanding Multipliers and Free Spaces Made Easy


Bingo cards can be given three different types of Chance multipliers.

  • Standard: A 10x or 20x multiplier is linked to a specific number on the card. If that number contributes to a winning line, the card’s winnings are multiplied by that amount.
  • Line: A 20x or 50x multiplier is connected to an entire line on the card. If that line wins, the payout is multiplied by the assigned multiplier.
  • Global: This carries a value of 2x or 3x, multiplying any wins on the card by that amount. Additionally, it multiplies all other multipliers present on the card.

Free Spaces

Mr. Monopoly can randomly add Free Spaces to bingo cards. These spaces work like drawn numbers, reducing the amount of actual numbers needed in a line to win.

Understanding Bonus Rounds

  • In the bonus rounds, you have the chance to secure substantial multipliers. It’s advantageous to enter these rounds already equipped with a multiplier.
  • The bonus functions similarly to those in Monopoly Dream Catcher, but in MONOPOLY Big Baller, the “Rolls” are increased to three and five.
  • Both bonus rounds follow identical gameplay. The only distinction lies in the number of “Rolls” executed.
  • It’s possible for the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds to be triggered simultaneously, with one occurring after the other if you’ve won both in the main game.

Bonus Round

  1. The bonus round features a Monopoly Board with properties, Free Parking, Go To Jail, and Chance and Community Chest, along with Income and Super Tax squares.
  2. Initial multipliers are assigned to these squares, which increase when random houses and hotels land on them.
  3. Mr. Monopoly begins on the GO square.
  4. Two Dice are rolled, shown on the screen through a Blimp hovering above the game board.
  5. Mr. Monopoly travels across the board, halting at the square that matches the total of the two dice.
  • A 3 Rolls Bonus grants three dice rolls, while the 5 Rolls bonus provides 5 dice rolls.
  • If a double is rolled, Mr. Monopoly moves the necessary spaces and adds an extra roll to the total.
  • If a square has a multiplier, it is added to your prize fund.
  • Tax Squares reduce your winnings by 10%, and Super Tax squares result in a 20% reduction.
  • Landing on the Go To Jail Square sends Mr. Monopoly to Jail, requiring a double roll for release.
  • Chance and Community Chest squares can either award a prize or impose a mystery fee.
  • If Mr. Monopoly passes GO while walking around the board, all future multipliers are doubled.

Monopoly Big Baller Payout

Monopoly Big Baller Payout
  • Payouts in Monopoly Big Baller are simple.
  • You place bets on a card, not individual lines, and receive payouts for line wins.
  • Payouts depend on active multipliers on the entire card, a line, or a number. Multiple multipliers can enhance line payouts.
  • A card multiplier increases any wins by 2x or 3x.
  • A line multiplier elevates the win for that line by 20x or 50x.
  • If a number has a multiplier and is part of a winning line, it increases the payout for that line by 10x or 20x.
  • The ideal Return to Player (RTP) for Monopoly Big Baller is 96.10%.
Free Space Card2 – 39:1 per line
Chance Card2 – 199:1 per line
3 RollsBonus Game
5 RollsBonus Game

Crack the Code – Winning Monopoly Big Baller Strategies

Crack the Code - Winning Monopoly Big Baller Strategies

Choose Your Cards Thoughtfully

Think about the mix of Chance and Free Space cards and how many of each to use for a well-rounded strategy. This decision will influence how you play the game.

Boost Your Wins with Multipliers

Strive to enter bonus rounds with a multiplier to increase your chances of winning big. Multipliers on cards, lines, and numbers can enhance your payouts, so plan your moves accordingly.

Make the Most of Bonus Rounds

Understand how the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds work. It’s possible to activate both at the same time, so be ready for potential consecutive bonus opportunities.

Keep an Eye on Special Squares

Be mindful of unique squares in the bonus round, like Tax Squares or Go To Jail. These can impact your winnings and overall gameplay, so make strategic decisions.

Spread Your Bets Wisely

Place your bets strategically on cards with various multipliers to improve your chances of hitting profitable combinations. Diversifying your bets adds an element of risk management to your playing style.


Multipliers in Monopoly Big Baller play a crucial role in enhancing payouts. They can be applied to the entire card, specific lines, or individual numbers, significantly impacting your overall winnings. Understanding how these multipliers work is essential for maximizing your potential rewards.

Special squares in the bonus round, such as Tax Squares or Go To Jail, can have varying effects on your gameplay and winnings. It’s important to be aware of these unique elements as they add strategic considerations to your decisions during the bonus round, influencing the overall outcome of the game.

Yes, it is possible to trigger both the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus rounds simultaneously in Monopoly Big Baller. Being prepared for this scenario allows you to capitalize on consecutive bonus opportunities, potentially leading to substantial multipliers and exciting gameplay. Understanding how these bonus rounds work enhances your overall strategy for a more rewarding experience.


In conclusion, engaging in Monopoly Big Baller at the 49JILI live casino platform offers an exhilarating fusion of bingo and strategy. Whether you’re strategizing card selection, maximizing multipliers, or navigating bonus rounds, the game presents abundant opportunities for thrilling gameplay. Keep a keen eye on special squares, as they can significantly impact your winnings. Strategic diversification of bets and staying tuned to the game’s dynamics are pivotal for a successful and enjoyable experience. So, immerse yourself in the Monopoly Big Baller adventure on 49JILI, roll the dice, and set your sights on substantial wins in the live casino realm!

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