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49JILI Online Casino is one of the best online gaming sites in Southeast Asia. Pagcor regulates, operates, authorizes and licenses games of chance, games of cards and games of numbers, particularly casino gaming in the Philippines like 49JILI. It offers services such as Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino that come together to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Join us as we conquer the world of online casinos!

About Us

About Us

Established in 2016, 49JILI is a reputable online casino committed to providing a secure and enjoyable gaming environment. We pride ourselves on swift service, top-tier security, and commendable winning rates, with all games undergoing rigorous reviews by regulatory bodies such as the Philippine Gaming Commission, Macau, and the GLI Laboratory. Approved by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, we leverage advanced technology to ensure the safety of our platform. Our focus on user satisfaction extends to crafting seamless and high-quality gaming experiences, supported by a well-trained staff and a dedicated 24/7 customer service team, all working towards our mission of bringing joy to our customers’ lives.



Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure at 49JILI. We’re thrilled to present our latest promotion, where the stakes are high, and the rewards are even higher! Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, excitement, and non-stop entertainment.

Here are several inclusive promotions:

Weekly Loss Relief Bonus: Bouncing Back Stronger

Navigating through tough gaming weeks is now smoother with 49JILI’s Weekly Loss Relief Bonus. Offering up to 20% extra, this unique feature is a safety net across Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino.

Loss AmountExtra Percentage Reward

Refer a Friend Bonus: Share the Excitement, Multiply the Rewards

49JILI embraces the power of friendship with its Refer a Friend Bonus. Earn up to 3388 Bonus points for yourself and your friends by spreading the excitement of Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino experiences.

First Time Deposit Bonus: Double the Fun

Immerse yourself in the thrill of 49JILI with a First Time Deposit Bonus of up to 100%. Your initial deposit is doubled, providing a head start to explore the captivating world of Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino.

Deposit AmountPercentage Bonus

Weekly Deposit Bonus: Unleash Gaming Rewards

49JILI’s Total Weekly Deposit Bonus offers up to 26,000 Bonus points, ensuring a rewarding gaming experience. Discover new Sabong, slot machine, fishing game, and live casino adventures and be generously rewarded every week.

Deposit AmountAccumulated Bonus

Daily Bet Bonus: Every Day is a Winning Day

Indulge in the ideal balance of fun and relaxation with 49JILI’s Daily Bet Bonus. Whether it’s Sabong, slot machine, fishing game, or live casino, every moment is thrilling and rewarding.

Bet AmountDaily Bonus
888817 pesos
2000037 pesos
5000057 pesos

Lucky Wager Bonus: Let Luck Lead You

49JILI’s exclusive Lucky Wager Bonus adds excitement to your gaming journey. As you place bets on Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino, watch your luck turn into additional bonuses.

Deposit AmountMaximum Daily Limit Bonus
2000 1 time10 pesos
5000 3 times20 pesos
10000 7 times

Weekly Agent Salary Bonus: Join the Thriving Team

49JILI stands out by offering an exclusive 10% weekly agent salary bonus to its thriving team. Join the exciting expansion and play a key role in a gaming community that values and rewards commitment.

Fun and Exciting varieties of 49JILI Games

Fun and Exciting varieties of 49JILI Games

At 49JILI Casino, the gaming experience is not just a pastime; it’s a journey. With a vast selection of games catering to diverse tastes, players can curate their gaming adventures. Unlike traditional casinos, 49JILI empowers players to design their gaming experiences. From high-stakes card games to immersive slots, every choice contributes to a personalized journey.

Online Sabong

Cockfighting, or sabong, has deep roots in cultures worldwide, dating back to ancient times. This sport features two specially bred roosters facing off in a ring, showcasing their combat skills in a fierce battle for dominance. These incredible birds demonstrate strength, agility, and tactical prowess throughout the spectacle.

49JILI Casino takes center stage in delivering an exciting online experience for both seasoned bettors and newcomers. With a user-friendly interface, 49JILI Casino ensures a seamless betting journey, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling action of cockfighting.

Live Casino

If you’re yearning for the genuine casino vibe and the thrill of engaging with live dealer games, 49JILI Casino is your ultimate destination. Our live dealer games offer a gaming experience like no other, bringing the essence of a real casino right to the comfort of your home. Get ready for a gaming adventure that guarantees hours of captivating entertainment.

A variety of games, courtesy of Evolution Gaming, SA, and AE Live, adds extra excitement with their unique titles. Brace yourself to be enthralled by the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness showcased by our highly skilled dealers.

Sports Betting

Prepare to fully engage in an unmatched sports betting adventure at 49JILI. Our extensive sportsbooks, BTI Sports and United Gaming, offer a wide range of sports events from around the world, covering everything from football and basketball to baseball, soccer, tennis, and more. With competitive odds and a plethora of betting options, 49JILI Casino is your go-to destination for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.

The Art of Placing Bets

Explore the world of strategic betting, where 49JILI offers an array of sports events for enthusiasts to wager on. From the anticipation of goals to the final whistle, every moment is a chance to win.

Slot Games

Gear up for an unparalleled gaming adventure at 49JILI slots, where the excitement of entertainment knows no bounds. With a vast collection of over 450 incredible games, this online casino guarantees to transport you to different worlds with every spin. Discover a variety at 49JILI Casino Slots, ranging from classic slots that evoke nostalgia to cutting-edge video slots. We cater to every player’s preferences, ensuring a continuous and personalized enjoyment experience.

Here are the slot providers available in our Slot Games:

  • T1
  • JILI
  • FC
  • CQ9
  • JDB
  • PS
  • KA
  • MG
  • NetEnt

Hot Casino Game Shows: Beyond the Basics

Casino game shows have taken the gambling world by storm, providing an interactive experience beyond traditional games. Let’s explore three favorites: Crazy Time, Crazy Coin Flip, and Live Monopoly.

Crazy Time

Experience the excitement of Crazy Time, a game show blending elements of a wheel of fortune with a classic board game. Engage in bonus rounds like Cash Hunt and Pachinko for added thrills.

Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip offers a simple yet captivating game show where players predict the outcome of a giant coin flip. Quick rounds and enticing multipliers make it a hit for those seeking fast-paced excitement.

Live Monopoly

Live Monopoly brings the classic board game to life in a thrilling live casino setting. Place bets on properties, spin the wheel, and witness the virtual board come alive with augmented reality elements.

Fishing Games

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary gaming journey with 49JILI Casino’s captivating fish games. We aim to deliver nothing but the best, providing an unparalleled combination of exceptional bonuses, rewarding rewards, and a wide array of thrilling game choices. Our fish games will whisk you away to a world of excitement from the very first click. Featuring captivating elements, stunning graphics, and enjoyable gameplay, our fish games take the shooting game experience to new heights.

Ready to Play? Here’s How to Register on 49JILI

Ready to Play? Here's How to Register on 49JILI

Registering with 49JILI is a seamless process, making it easy for you to start playing our online gambling. Allow us to guide you through the steps to create your account and kickstart your gaming journey.

  1. Visit the 49JILI Website: Navigate to the official 49JILI Casino website using your preferred web browser.
  2. Click on “Register”: Look for the “Register” or “Sign Up” button on the homepage and click on it to initiate the registration process.
  3. Fill in Your Details: Complete the registration form with your username, password, email, and other required details.
  4. Verify Your Email: Finish registration by checking your email for a verification link and confirming your account.
  5. Log into Your Account: Once your email is verified, log into your newly created account using your username and password.
  6. Explore the Dashboard: Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the 49JILI Casino dashboard. Here, you can access various games, promotions, and account settings.
  7. Make Your First Deposit: To start playing, head to the cashier section and make your initial deposit. Choose from the available payment methods that suit your preferences.
  8. Claim Welcome Bonuses: If there are welcome bonuses available, don’t forget to claim them during the deposit process to boost your gaming experience.
  9. Explore the Games: Discover diverse games at 49JILI Casino, from slots to table games.
  10. Enjoy Your Gaming Experience: Congratulations! You are now a registered member of 49JILI Casino. Dive into the exciting world of gaming and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Cash In, Play On – Depositing Made Simple with 49JILI

Cash In, Play On - Depositing Made Simple with 49JILI
  • Login to Your Account: Log in to your 49JILI account using your credentials.
  • Visit the Cashier Section: Go to the website’s cashier or deposit section.
  • Choose Your Preferred Payment Method: Select your desired deposit method from the available options, such as credit/debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.
  • Enter Deposit Amount and Confirm: Enter the deposit amount and follow the prompts to confirm the transaction. Once completed, your account will be credited, and you’re ready to enjoy the games!

Cash Out Your Winnings – A Guide to Withdrawing from 49JILI

Cash Out Your Winnings - A Guide to Withdrawing from 49JILI
  • Navigate to the Cashier Section: Log in to your 49JILI account and go to the cashier or withdrawal section on the platform.
  • Select Withdrawal Method: Select your withdrawal method: bank, e-wallet, or crypto.
  • Enter Withdrawal Amount and Confirm: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, follow the provided prompts, and confirm the withdrawal. Your funds will be processed, and you’ll receive your winnings promptly.

Rapid and Hassle-Free Banking Selections Provided by 49JILI Casino

Rapid and Hassle-Free Banking Selections Provided by 49JILI Casino

At 49JILI Casino, we recognize the value of ease and convenience in banking. We provide a range of hassle-free payment methods for deposits, including well-known options:

  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • USDT

Online Gambling Laws in the Philippines – A Quick Overview

Online Gambling Laws in the Philippines - A Quick Overview

In the Philippines, gambling is legal and closely monitored by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). PAGCOR oversees both traditional and online gambling, making sure it’s done safely and responsibly.

PAGCOR is in charge, not just of land-based casinos but also keeps an eye on other companies running casinos. It’s a big player in making sure online gaming is regulated too. Businesses wanting to run online casinos have to get the green light from PAGCOR, making sure they follow the rules and keep players safe.

For players looking for trustworthy online casinos, PAGCOR’s approval is like a stamp of quality. Casinos like 49JILI, which have the PAGCOR license, offer a safe and regulated space to enjoy games. Picking a licensed casino means you can expect fair play, your data is secure, and there’s reliable customer support.

Fun and secure gaming—your safety is our top priority

Fun and secure gaming—your safety is our top priority

Online casino gaming has evolved into a thrilling form of entertainment, providing individuals with the excitement of traditional casinos from the comfort of their homes. At 49JILI online casino, we take pride in not only delivering an enjoyable gaming experience but also ensuring the safety and well-being of every player. In this article, we’ll delve into the measures we’ve put in place to guarantee fun and secure gaming for all.

Ensuring Player Safety

Our commitment to player safety goes beyond mere words; it’s ingrained in our values. We understand that for you to truly enjoy the gaming experience, you must feel secure. That’s why, at our online casino, your safety is our top priority.

Advanced Security Systems

One of the cornerstones of our safety measures is our advanced security systems. We recognize the paramount importance of protecting your personal and financial data. Our systems are meticulously designed to actively prevent fraud, identity theft, and any form of abuse. You can focus on playing and relishing your favorite games with peace of mind, knowing that your security is in capable hands.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is not just important; it’s a matter of trust. We go above and beyond industry standards to safeguard your personal information from compromise. Our stringent privacy measures are in place to prevent theft and unauthorized access, ensuring that your trust in us is well-placed.

Fair Play Principles

As a responsible online gaming casino, we uphold the principles of fair play. Our transparent and unbiased games, regulated by random number generators (RNG) and regular audits, ensure equal chances for all players to win, creating a fair and level playing field.

Building Trust

We understand that trust is earned. Our dedication to player trust is reflected in every aspect of our operations. From robust privacy and security measures to a commitment to fair play, we strive to build a foundation of trust that our players can rely on.

Creating an Enjoyable Gaming Experience

Balancing fun and security is at the heart of our approach to online gaming. We want you to enjoy every moment spent in our virtual casino while also promoting responsible gambling practices. It’s about creating an experience that’s not only entertaining but also mindful of your well-being.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

To ensure fairness in every game, we utilize random number generators (RNG). These algorithms guarantee the unpredictability of game outcomes, eliminating any possibility of manipulation. Your chances of winning are purely based on chance, enhancing the excitement of each gaming session.

Regular Audits

Maintaining fairness is an ongoing commitment. We conduct regular audits, both internal and third-party, to validate the integrity of our games. These audits are a testament to our dedication to providing a secure and fair gaming environment.

Player Focus

In every decision we make, the player is at the forefront of our minds. We strive to offer personalized gaming experiences, tailoring our services to meet the diverse preferences of our player community.

Responsibility in Gambling

While we encourage the enjoyment of our casino, we also advocate for responsible gambling. Resources are available for players who may have concerns about their gambling habits, and we actively promote a culture of responsible gaming within our platform.

Educational Initiatives

Our commitment to responsible gaming extends to education. Through partnerships with gambling awareness organizations, we provide resources to empower players with the information needed to make informed decisions while enjoying our casino.

Promoting a Positive Gaming Environment

We’re not just a casino; we’re a community. Fostering positivity and camaraderie among our players is a priority. Through community-building efforts, we aim to create an environment where players not only enjoy the games but also form connections with fellow enthusiasts.

Continuous Improvement

Our dedication to your safety and enjoyment remains steadfast. We consistently work on evolving and enhancing our security measures, actively incorporating your valuable feedback into our processes for continuous improvement.

49JILI Mobile App – A Gaming Revolution

49JILI Mobile App - A Gaming Revolution

Experience the ultimate fusion of Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino on the 49JILI mobile app. Unlike any other, it delivers the excitement of cockfighting, slot wins, underwater thrills, and live casino action in real-time.

With a diverse game selection, 49JILI caters to various preferences, ensuring every player finds their perfect entertainment match. Step into the world of 49JILI for an extraordinary gaming journey where possibilities are endless, and dreams become a reality. Download the app now!

Get the 49JILI App effortlessly with our easy download guide:

  • Click on the provided link to access the 49JILI website.
  • Navigate to the sidebar and click on “App Download.”
  • Get redirected to the Download Page.
  • Scan the QR Code with your smartphone to download the APK file or manually download the APK file..
  • Note: iOS users can access the mobile-friendly version due to restrictions on installation files.


Yes, 49JILI is a licensed and regulated online casino, approved by Pagcor and adhering to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission standards.

49JILI offers a diverse range of games, including Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, Live Casino, and various slot game categories from renowned providers.

To participate in promotions, follow the outlined guidelines on the website, fulfilling daily deposit and wager conditions, and inviting friends to earn bonuses.

49JILI provides hassle-free banking options, including GCash, PayMaya, and USDT, for convenient deposits. Withdrawals can be made through bank transfer, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency.

Yes, online gambling is legal in the Philippines, regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment.


In conclusion, 49JILI stands as a reputable and licensed online casino, offering a wide array of games and exciting promotions. With a commitment to security, fairness, and responsible gaming, 49JILI provides a safe and enjoyable environment for players. Register today to experience the thrill of Sabong, Slot Machines, Fishing Games, and Live Casino, and embark on a personalized and immersive gaming journey. Join 49JILI, where gaming dreams become a reality in a secure and regulated online space.

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