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Lucky Fishing Extravaganza - Dive into the Thrill at 49JILI

Lucky Fishing stands out with its vibrant and comfortable color scheme, creating an engaging atmosphere with lively colors that come to life during gameplay. The turquoise tones add to the overall ambiance, providing a relaxing experience for players. Beyond its unique color palette, the game boasts an intriguing system that sets it apart from other fishing games. Whether it’s the outstanding game features or the diverse array of fish available for players to target, Lucky Fishing promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

Unlocking the Power – Understanding Gun Features

Unlocking the Power - Understanding Gun Features

Delve into the world of Lucky Fishing by exploring the two main advantages of gun power. The power meter’s level depends on the player’s bet limit, offering higher stakes for a more potent meter. This unlocks special powers capable of swiftly eliminating fish. Additionally, players can collect six types of game stats, each with its distinct attributes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Lucky Fishing Game Modes – Choose Your Challenge

Lucky Fishing Game Modes - Choose Your Challenge

The Legendary Narwhal Room (Bet Limit: 1-10)

Embark on a journey with the legendary narwhal, where the stakes range from 1 to 10.

Squid of Terror Room (Bet Limit: 10-100)

Dive into the depths of excitement as you face the Squid of Terror, with stakes set between 10 and 100.

Silla Monster Room (Bet Limit: 100-1000)

For the bravest players, the Silla Monster Room awaits, featuring bet limits ranging from 100 to 1000.

Unveiling Lucky Fishing Game Functions

Unveiling Lucky Fishing Game Functions

Target Lock: Precision in Every Shot

The target lock system ensures players can aim and shoot without projectiles colliding with other fish. This unique system enhances gameplay, providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Auto Mode: Effortless Shooting

The automatic shooting system simplifies the gaming process. Once a target fish is locked, the gun will continue firing until the fish is defeated. This system maximizes profitability by allowing players to select their preferred targets, unlike other games with indiscriminate automatic firing.

Game Menu Options: Tailor Your Experience

Inside the game, players can choose from four menu options:

  1. Exit the Game: Easily switch game rooms.
  2. Game Information: Access details about various in-game features.
  3. Sound On/Off: Toggle game sound as desired.
  4. Betting History: View past bets and winnings.

Bonus Fish and Special Features

Discover the excitement of Lucky Fishing with six bonus fish and special features:

  1. Lightning Silver Dragon: Releases lightning upon elimination, destroying surrounding fish.
  2. Blow-Up Puffer Fish: Explodes upon defeat, eliminating nearby fish.
  3. Frozen Crab: Freezes all fish in the pond, rendering them immobile.
  4. Fish Wheel: Successfully killing a fish triggers a chain reaction, eliminating others of the same species.
  5. Gun Power Levels: Unlocking three tiers of gun power, each with distinct abilities.
  6. Special Statuses (Frenzy, Accumulate Power, Drill Gun, Slow, Bounty Fish, Fish Function): Enhance gameplay with various special functions.

Lucky Fishing Payouts – Reaping the Rewards

Lucky Fishing Payouts - Reaping the Rewards

Explore the payout rates of Lucky Fishing, covering both normal and special fish, along with boss fish:

  • Common Fish Payouts: Ranging from x2 to x60.
  • Golden Fish Payout: Between x80 and x200.
  • Boss Fish Payouts: Boss Narwhal (x500), Boss Octopus (x600), Bossilla (x700).
  • Lightning Silver Dragon Payout: x200.


Lucky Fishing stands out with its vibrant colors, diverse game modes, and special features, providing an immersive gaming experience.

The gun power system levels up based on your bet, offering special powers to quickly eliminate fish and enhance gameplay.

Yes, there are three rooms with varying bet limits, each featuring unique challenges and fish bosses.

Lucky Fishing boasts target lock and automatic shooting systems, a variety of bonus fish, and special statuses to elevate the excitement.

Payouts include common fish rates, golden fish, and impressive boss fish rewards, providing a thrilling incentive for players.


Lucky Fishing at 49JILI offers a dynamic and engaging gaming adventure. From its unique color scheme to the diverse game modes and special features, the game provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The gun power system and various bonus fish add depth to the gameplay, ensuring players are consistently entertained. With attractive payouts and a well-designed interface, Lucky Fishing is a standout choice for those seeking excitement and rewards in the world of online gaming. Dive in, explore the depths, and enjoy the thrill of Lucky Fishing!

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