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Unlock Exciting 49JILI Promotions for Big Wins

Engaging in online betting, like on 49JILI, lets gamblers make the most of different bonuses and promotions. This boosts their chances of earning extra real money. Gamblers need to pay attention to the different bonuses to avoid any confusion about who qualifies. Also, they should be aware of the specific rules for each bonus to successfully withdraw the bonus money.

The Live Game gives cool prizes, like when you sign up and get money back, making it super fun to play blackjack and other live casino games. Sometimes, the casino has special deals where they give out these bonuses for a limited time.

At 49JILI, you can enjoy lots of different games, like live dealer games, slots, and table games. It’s a safe and reliable place because it’s fully licensed and regulated, so your personal info and transactions are kept secure.

Level Up Your Wins at 49JILI’s Bonus and Promotions 

Level Up Your Wins at 49JILI's Bonus and Promotions 

At 49JILI, we value our loyal users and show our appreciation by providing a range of promotions and exclusive offers. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or a beginner, there’s a bonus tailored to suit you. Here are some examples of the numerous bonuses and offers you can enjoy at 49JILI:

Elevate Play: Respond to 49JILI’s Inviting Promotions

Referral Bonus (2023/08/15 ~ 2025/09/30)

  1. Share your referral link or code with the individual you wish to refer.
  2. Ensure that your referral registers by using the provided referral link.
  3. A successful referral is only confirmed when the referred member meets all criteria and is verified as a new 49JILI member.
  • Fulfill the promotion criteria, and the bonus will be automatically issued every day after 3 pm.
  • The bonus is restricted for use in Slot, Fishing, and Bingo games exclusively; bets on other games will not be considered.
  • The bonus requires a 3x turnover before it can be withdrawn.
  • Referrals meeting the specified activity conditions are eligible for a free P118 bonus.
Valid Direct ReferralRewards

Note:  After completing the mission, you can reach out to our live chat customer service or social media agents to apply for it.

Daily Commission (2023/08/15 ~ 2025/09/30)

  • Earn commissions up to ₱28,888 every day! The more people you invite, the more you’ll earn. The commission percentage is 0.3%.

Promotions for New Joiners

49JILI Download App Bonus (2023/01/15 ~ 2030/02/28)

  1. Ensure that you have logged in with your player ID using the Mobile App to receive the bonus. Failure to do so will result in the bonus not being credited.
  2. Members must have a minimum deposit record of ₱100 to be eligible for this bonus.
  3. Send your player ID, relevant identification documents, and screenshots demonstrating the mobile app download to the LiveChat customer service.
  4. Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive a bonus of ₱28.

100% Slot And Fishing Welcome Bonus (2023/01/15 ~ 2024/02/29)

  • Deposit Amount: 100php to 8,888php
  • Bonus Percentage: 100%
  • Turnover:  20x
  • Maximum Withdrawal: Unlimited
  • Frequency: Once
  • The promotion is open for application to all registered members.
  • The promotion is restricted to JILI, JDB, KA, CQ9, FC Slot Machine, and Fishing games.
  • This promotion is not eligible for combination with any other ongoing promotional offer.

Wallet Wins: Discover 49JILI’s Cash Promotions

49JILI Deposit via PayMaya, GrabPay & USDT (2023/01/18 ~ 2025/02/28)

  • Get an additional 3% bonus on every transaction when you deposit using Paymaya, Grabpay, and USDT.
  • Apply for the bonus after successfully making a deposit through Paymaya, GrabPay, and USDT– the system will distribute it automatically.
  • For Paymaya and Grabpay deposits, a minimum of ₱100 is required, while USDT deposits need a minimum of ₱800.

Slot Game Bonanza (2023/10/13 ~ 2024/11/13)

  • Place a minimum single bet of ₱10 or more on slot machines for the day, and the reward can go as high as ₱8888!
  • This event is exclusively applicable to JILI, FC, and PG slot machines; other games do not participate.
Single Game BettingBonus

Experience 49JILI Exclusive Promotions

Experience 49JILI Exclusive Promotions

VIP Weekly Red Envelope (2023/09/01 ~ 2024/09/30)

  • Participation in this promotion is open to all VIP3 and above members.
  • The higher your level, the greater the bonus, with a weekly bonus potential of up to ₱23,552.
  • No need to apply for the weekly red envelope bonus; the system automatically distributes it every Monday afternoon from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Manila time.
  • To be eligible for the weekly red envelope bonus, players must have made at least 1000 valid bets in the previous week.
VIP 3312
VIP 438152
VIP 588352
VIP 6188752
VIP 73881552
VIP 86882752
VIP 98883552
VIP 1010884352
VIP 1115886352

Baccarat Consecutive Wins (2023/09/01 ~ 2024/09/30)

49JILI members are eligible to receive bonuses if they achieve a winning streak of more than 6 rounds (including 6 rounds) in the live baccarat game. The details are as follows:

Minimum Bet Per Game20050010001000050000100000
Consecutive WinBonus Distribution
6 Consecutive Win502006002000800020000
7 Consecutive Win10030080030001000030000
8 Consecutive Win150400100040001200040000
9 Consecutive Win200500120050001400050000
10 Consecutive Win250600140060001600060000
10 Consecutive Win AboveBonus up to Unlimited

49JILI VIP Level (2023/01/15 ~ 2025/04/29)

At 49JILI, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service to our clients. We extend an invitation to all our loyal customers to become part of our exclusive club.

As a 49JILI VIP member, players gain access to a community of fellow members, enjoying promotions and rewards as they ascend the VIP Club ranks. The higher your status, the greater the rewards you can unlock!

VIP 350088
VIP 450,000388388
VIP 5100,000888888
VIP 6200,0001,8881,888
VIP 7300,0003,8883,888
VIP 8600,0006,8886,888
VIP 91,000,00012,88812,888
VIP 102,000,00028,88828,888
VIP 115,000,00058,88858,888
PREMIUM BLACK50,000,000108,888108,888

49JILI REWARD POINT (2023/05/09 ~ 2030/05/08)

We express our gratitude to our esteemed members through a daily giveaway of reward points. The participation criteria are straightforward – as long as you are a 49JILI member, you can earn reward points up to 1%.

GamesRebate Points
Live Casino0.50%
Other Games0.50%

49JILI Daily Login Deposit (2023/03/20 ~ 2028/04/30)

  • Daily Login: Receive a free bonus by logging in every day.
  • Deposit Bonus: Simply deposit 500₱ or more on the mission day to participate.
MissionRequirementRewardActivity Point
Daily Login110
Daily Login 150077
Daily Login 22000178
Daily Login 3 50002710
Daily Login 4100005715
Daily Login 5 200008725
Daily Login 65000017725

49JILI Rebate (2023/01/17 ~ 2024/02/15)

  • Rebate Amount Calculation is based on the daily valid bets of various game types, each with a different ratio as indicated above. The rebate is then dispensed on the following day.
  • Daily Rebate: Rebates are calculated daily from 00:00 to 23:59 and will be dispensed the next day at 12 PM.
  • Bets on Sabong, Lottery, and Crash games will not be counted for the daily rebate.
GameMin Valid BetMax Valid BetRebate%



49JILI Lucky Wheel (2023/01/25 ~ 2031/02/28)

  • Daily Deposit: Receive 1 free point with a daily deposit of  ₱888.
  • Deposit Calculation is from 00:00 to 23:59 daily.
  • You can claim it when your total deposit amount reaches  ₱888 on the same day. Follow these steps to claim: (Member >> Promotion List >> Claim).

Guidelines for 49JILI Promotions

Guidelines for 49JILI Promotions

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in 49JILI promotions, members must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined for each promotion. Ensure you qualify before engaging in any promotional activities.

Promotion Period

Be mindful of the promotion period for each offer. Promotions have designated start and end dates, and participation is typically limited to this timeframe.

Wagering Requirements

Some promotions may have associated wagering requirements. Familiarize yourself with these terms to understand how much you need to wager before being eligible for bonuses or rewards.

Claiming Process

Follow the designated process for claiming rewards or bonuses. This often involves navigating to the “Promotion” or “Claim” section in your member account.

Game Restrictions

Certain promotions may apply only to specific games or game types. Be aware of any restrictions to ensure your participation aligns with the promotion’s terms and conditions.


To verify your eligibility, simply visit the “Promotions” or “My Account” section on the 49JILI platform. Specific eligibility criteria for each promotion are detailed there.

Unfortunately, promotions are time-sensitive, and participation is limited to the designated period. Ensure you check the promotion’s timeframe and engage within the specified dates.

Yes, some promotions may have associated wagering requirements. Details regarding these requirements can be found in the terms and conditions of each promotion.

To claim your rewards, navigate to your member account, locate the “Promotions” or “Claim” section, and follow the outlined steps. It’s a straightforward process, ensuring you receive your benefits promptly.

In most cases, promotions at 49JILI are designed to allow multiple participation. However, it’s crucial to review the terms and conditions of each promotion, as some may have restrictions on concurrent participation.


In conclusion, 49JILI promotions offer an exciting avenue for our members to enhance their gaming experience. With a diverse range of promotions, from daily rewards to exclusive VIP perks, there’s something for every player. Our transparent guidelines ensure a fair and enjoyable promotional journey, and our user-friendly claiming process adds convenience to the overall experience. Stay tuned for regular updates on enticing promotions, making your time at 49JILI online casino not just thrilling but also rewarding.