Reverse Martingale Betting System

reverse martingale

The anti-Martingale method, also known as the reverse Martingale system, reduces the wager by half when a trade is unsuccessful, and it increases the wager by a factor of two when the transaction is successful. When using the Martingale strategy, traders or online casino players will double their wagers on losing bets and cut their winning bets in half. This tactic is in direct opposition to that.

What is Reverse Martingale?

It is one of the oldest gambling strategies in the world that the Reverse Martingale betting technique is implemented. It is reported that people in Italy have been using it as long back as the 16th century. Whether or not this technique was utilized before the 16th century is still being investigated; nonetheless, it was frequently used in Italy during the 16th century for a game known as Basset.

What is Reverse Martingale

In the modern gambling industry, the games played with this strategy the most frequently are roulette and baccarat. Please keep in mind, however, that it applies to any game involving wagers and having a fifty percent victory rate. Therefore, in addition to baccarat and roulette, it will also perform excellently with craps and sic bo. Moreover, it will function admirably with poker.

The Reverse Martingale System is your best bet if you seek a gambling technique that can be used for even bets regardless of the situation. If you wager on roulette, you should use it for bets on Red, Black, Odd, Even, and 1-18/19-36. It is also essential to remember that because this is a progressive system, you can grow your stake if certain standards are met. The specific conditions included under that umbrella will be the subject of our discussion in subsequent sections.

How The System Works

The System Work

The name “Reverse Martingale System” comes from the fact that this strategy goes against the grain of the traditional Martingale method, which is why it is called that. The Martingale strategy recommends that players double their stake if they lose a spin and then return to their initial wager if they win.

This will only occur if you are fortunate enough to have a string of victories. If you lose a spin, you should immediately return to the minimal bet, which is one Philippine peso. If you suffer another loss, you will continue to use PHP1. You can boost your wager to PHP2 by restarting the system after you have achieved a triumphant victory.

The fundamental idea behind the strategy is that you will experience wins and losses in streaks rather than consecutively. This is the idea behind the technique. Because of this presupposition, you can win a significant amount of money by increasing your wagers while winning and decreasing them when you lose. As opposed to the Martingale, which is more suitable for betting over a shorter period, the Reverse Martingale is a good strategy for betting over a more extended period. Playing roulette, or any other game, is one of the most trustworthy and secure methods.

How to Implement the Plan?

Even though the fundamental idea behind it is simple, players must acquire the skills necessary to play it effectively to get the most out of it. In the following, you will find a list of the most common applications of the Reverse Martingale technique.

How to Implement the Plan

Overall Aggression

The most audacious strategy is the one that ends up being successful. The following illustrates an all-or-nothing approach when one hopes a winning run will continue for as long as possible by repeatedly doubling their bets. Consider this: just as it is possible to go on a losing run that is so terrible that it wipes out all of your money, it is also possible for the complete Reverse to occur.

You will like the table limit after achieving eight or nine consecutive triumphs, with the average probability of doing so being 0.38% and 0.19%. Following that, you will have the ability to effortlessly withdraw your earnings and go back to your house as a content gambler. It is improbable that this will occur.

3 Reverse

For the sake of your tranquility, we strongly suggest you use the 3-Step Reverse Martingale technique. The strategy only allows the wager to increase by a maximum of three games in a row before beginning again with the lowest possible bid. Look at the table to learn how the technique is supposed to work in theory.

RoundBetOutcomeTotal Loss

On the other hand, if there are enough successive win sequences, the 3-step method might have a manageable amount of negative consequences. As a result, it is advantageous to be ready for both scenarios. If you implement this less active technique, you will have a more significant opportunity to emerge from the competition ahead of the rest of the pack.

Other Changes

For some people, the escalation of double-up can be too much to handle. If you are one of those people, consider different possibilities for taking your bet forward. For example, the Fibonacci series is a mathematical sequence that fits in perfectly with this method. It’s a young, lousy spin, but the rewards will accumulate slower than with a doubling-up approach.


The universe of betting strategies is winding, and the Reverse Martingale at 49jili Casino is just one of its many twists and turns. In addition, there are benefits, such as the opportunity to capitalize on a winning streak. However, it is essential to remember that a plan will fail to ensure success. Generally speaking, casinos have the upper hand. It is necessary to play within your limits, to play intelligently, and most importantly, to enjoy yourself. You are now aware of what to do; the next time you play roulette, employ this approach and watch the ball spin around the table.

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