Experience the Thrill of Live Mega Ball at 49JILI

Unleash Thrills Mega Ball Excitement at 49JILI Awaits

Embark on a thrilling journey with Evolution Live Mega Ball at 49JILI! This online Bingo game takes excitement to new heights, offering up to 400 cards per round, each containing 24 numbers. Dive into the heart of the game and discover the nuances of Evolution Live Mega Ball.

Understanding Evolution Live Mega Ball

Understanding Evolution Live Mega Ball

Evolution Live Mega Ball isn’t your typical online Bingo experience. The game begins with the purchase of Live Mega Ball bingo cards, each with the potential to hold a winning combination. As the game unfolds, twenty numbered balls are drawn from a total of 51, presenting players with the exciting task of creating horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of 5 numbers on their cards.

The Mega Ball Twist

The Mega Ball Twist

What sets Mega Ball apart is the introduction of up to two Multiplier balls. These Multipliers, when drawn and contributing to a winning line, amplify the payout for that specific card. The result? A gaming experience like no other, exclusively available at 49JILI.

Evolution Live Mega Ball vs. Lottery Mega Ball

Evolution Live Mega Ball vs. Lottery Mega Ball

It’s crucial to distinguish between Evolution Live Mega Ball and Lottery Mega Ball. While they share a name, they are entirely distinct games. Evolution Mega Ball offers a bingo-style adventure, while Lottery Mega Ball is a traditional lottery game.

How to Play Evolution Live Mega Ball

How to Play Evolution Live Mega Ball

Purchasing Bingo Cards

To kick off your Mega Ball adventure, start by purchasing bingo cards. Each card features 24 numbers and a central “wild” space, already marked as a winning spot. The 5×5 grid provides 12 playable lines, allowing for strategic gameplay.

Setting Card Values

Choose the value for your cards, ranging from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of €100 per card. You can buy up to 200 cards in each game round, selecting from units of 1, 10, 15, or 25. For instance, a purchase of 200 cards at 0.20 per card results in a total bet of 40 euros.

Flexibility with Values and Numbers

After purchasing your cards, adapt to changes during open betting time. Alter card values and refresh numbers to enhance your strategy. Changing the value for one card replicates across all your cards, offering flexibility in your gameplay.

The Live Mega Ball Draw

The Live Mega Ball Draw

Once betting time concludes, the excitement unfolds with the Live Mega Ball Draw. Twenty balls out of 51 are randomly drawn, with each ball compared to the numbers on your cards. Watch as your cards update with matching numbers, re-sorted for better winning potential.

Bonus Round

After the main draw, brace yourself for the Mega Ball Bonus Round. This round could draw up to two Bonus Mega Balls, each potentially boosting winning card payouts with randomly drawn multipliers.

The Multiplier and Bonus

The Mega Ball multiplier takes center stage, with a selection wheel offering values from 5x to 100x. The wheel determines the multiplier, applied to the Mega Ball number chosen from the remaining 31 balls in the Mega Ball machine.

Strategies to Win Mega Ball

Strategies to Win Mega Ball

Little and Often

Opt for a strategic approach by purchasing a small number of cards. This allows better tracking of winnings, maximizing potential returns while minimizing losses.

Full Monty

For those seeking a more comprehensive strategy, go all-in with up to 400 tickets. This not only increases your chances of matching numbers but also enhances the possibility of selecting the Mega Ball for juicy multipliers.

Lucky Numbers

Personalize your gameplay by noting your lucky numbers. When purchasing cards, keep those containing your lucky numbers. This approach is most effective with a small number of cards, ideally less than 10.

Mix it Up

Variety adds spice to your strategy. Experiment with different rounds, purchasing varying numbers of tickets to discover what works best for you. This approach provides a balanced strategy to maximize your chances.

The Martingale/Reverse Martingale

Leverage popular betting strategies like the Martingale or Reverse Martingale. Double your bet value after each loss and reset after a win. This strategic approach aims to recoup losses and optimize wins.

Mega Ball Bonus Features

Mega Ball Bonus Features

One of Mega Ball’s standout features is the Mega Ball bonus round. Multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x are applied to one of the 20 numbers called during the base game. This bonus can be triggered up to two times on any round, offering the potential for double Mega Ball multipliers.

Multiplier Example

Imagine a winning ticket on a £1 bet with 2 lines, including the number 23. The standard base payout is £5. The Multiplier Wheel spins, activating a 10x multiplier. The Mega Ball is spun again, and 23 is chosen as the Mega Ball. A 10x multiplier is applied to the £5 value, resulting in a total win of £50.

Mega Ball Payouts & Odds

Mega Ball Payouts & Odds
Number of LinesPayout RatioWinnings (based on a £1 bet)
6+ Lines9,999-999,999:1Up to £125,000
5 Lines999-99,999:1£999-£99,999
4 Lines249-24,999:1£249-£24,999
3 Lines49-4,999:1£49-£4,999
2 Lines4-499:1£4-£499
1 Line (push)1x (push)- 99:1£1(push)- £99

Live Mega Ball Return to Player

Live Mega Ball Return to Player

The Return To Player (RTP) for Evolution Live Mega Ball is an essential factor to consider. For one card in play, the expected RTP is 95.40%, ranging from 95.05% to 95.40%. This figure provides insight into the game’s performance over a large number of rounds.

While Live Mega Ball has the potential for significant payouts, it’s essential to acknowledge the rarity of these occurrences. Like any gambling activity, there will be highs and lows that even out during a playing session.

The RTP places Live Mega Ball in a position slightly better than traditional Slots and Table games, yet slightly below Monopoly Dream Catcher.

Playable Devices

Playable Devices

Experience Live Mega Ball on all device types. While playable on Desktops and Laptops/Tablets, the game is optimized for landscape mode, offering the best playing experience on these devices. Players with a poor internet connection can switch to a smaller classic view for a still-usable experience. Join and Access 49JILI Casino for the exiciting games  ahead.


No, Evolution Live Mega Ball and Lottery Mega Ball are entirely different games. The former is a bingo-style game, while the latter is a traditional lottery game.

You can purchase up to 400 Mega Ball cards per round, providing ample opportunities to enhance your winning chances.

The Mega Ball multiplier is determined by a spinning selection wheel, ranging from 5x to 100x. If the Mega Ball completes a winning line on a card, the payout is multiplied by the chosen multiplier.

Yes, Evolution Live Mega Ball is playable on all device types, including mobile devices. You can enjoy the game on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and even switch to a classic view on devices with a poor internet connection.

The expected RTP for one card in play is 95.40%, with a range from 95.05% to 95.40%. Keep in mind that this figure reflects the game’s performance over a large number of rounds.


Embark on an unmatched gaming adventure with Evolution Live Mega Ball at 49JILI’s live casino. From strategic gameplay to the excitement of bonus features, this bingo-style game provides an immersive experience. Explore various strategies, capitalize on multipliers, and relish the opportunity to hit those Mega Ball multiplier numbers. Play responsibly, set limits, and enjoy the thrill of Live Mega Ball on any device. Your pathway to potential winnings awaits in the 49JILI Live casino experience!

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