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Aim Blast and Win Big in Bombing Fishing

Explore the depths of the ocean with Bombing Fishing, a thrilling game from Jili Games at 49JILI. Dive into the captivating world of fishing, discovering the fascinating marine life while earning generous rewards with your hunting skills. Join us on an exciting journey to the ocean’s depths, where the beauty of the underwater world awaits.

Bombing Fishing provides a straightforward and highly enjoyable gaming experience. Your mission is clear: aim and shoot at different underwater targets. In this underwater adventure, smaller fish yield modest payouts, but they’re easier to catch. Conversely, larger targets offer greater rewards according to the payout table, but they demand more shots, making them a slightly more expensive pursuit.

Beginner’s Guide to Bombing Fishing – Easy Tips to Start

Beginner's Guide to Bombing Fishing - Easy Tips to Start

Bombing Fishing is a thrilling shooting game that adds a unique twist with its aquatic theme, offering an engaging gaming experience. To fully enjoy and excel in this game, it’s crucial to understand its rules, learn how to place bets, comprehend paylines, and navigate through the gameplay. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the process of becoming a skilled Bombing Fishing player.

Grasping the Game Mechanics in Bombing Fishing

Before immersing yourself in the action, let’s acquaint ourselves with the core mechanics of Bombing Fishing. This game stands out with its special weapons system, enabling players to target various fish species and unlock rewarding bonuses.

Setting Your Bet and Adjusting Paylines

To kickstart your Bombing Fishing adventure, it’s vital to grasp the intricacies of betting and payline settings. Here are some essential highlights regarding these aspects:

  • Prize Overview: The paytable displays rewards for catching various fish, indicating multipliers for each type to help plan strategies based on potential winnings.
  • Customizing Experience: Game settings allow personalization, including volume, fullscreen, and other preferences, ensuring a tailored gaming experience.
  • Wager Flexibility: Bombing Fishing offers adjustable betting options, enabling players to align their wagers with budget constraints and risk preferences.
  • Automatic Play: Certain game versions feature an autoplay function, allowing automated gameplay for a predetermined number of rounds, suitable for a more hands-off approach.
  • Payline Selection: Players may choose the number of paylines to activate on each spin, determining the paths on the grid where winning combinations can appear.

Simplified Bombing Fishing Modes

In this game, you’ll find three shooting modes tailored to your preferences:

  • Normal Shooting Mode: Take control by aiming and selecting your target. Click anywhere on the screen, and the system will automatically fire at the chosen spot.
  • Autofire Mode: For convenience during time constraints or when you need a break, activate autofire. Customize your target preferences in the game settings, and the system will automatically locate and shoot at selected creatures, allowing you to relax without mouse interaction.
  • Sight Shooting Mode: Improve your aiming skills with sight shooting. Enable this mode, click on the creature you want to eliminate, and the system will follow the target, firing until it’s out of sight or defeated.

Types of Bombing Fishing Game Rooms

Types of Bombing Fishing Game Rooms

The  Bombing Fishing game presents three distinct rooms, each with its unique features:

  1. Joy Hall (Room Range: 0.1 – 10): Exclusive to this room is the “Immortal Ocean King” feature.
  2. Regal Hall (Room Range: 1 – 80): Enjoy special features like the “Awaken Boss,” “Free Nuclear Bomb,” and the thrilling “Bounty Game.”
  3. Golden Hall (Room Range: 10 – 100): The Golden Hall includes the “Awaken Boss” and “Free Nuclear Bomb” features, along with a chance to win a massive “1200x Bounty Game” prize.

Experience the Adventure – Bombing Fishing Features

Experience the Adventure - Bombing Fishing Features

The Bombing Fishing game version is packed with thrilling features designed to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts. Offering daily prizes, weapon upgrades, and a global multiplayer mode, players can immerse themselves in an exhilarating fishing world, competing against others for an engaging adventure.

Exploring the Depths: Deep Sea Fish and Lucrative Rewards

  • Deep Sea Fish: Utilizing special weapons for deep-sea fish hunting unlocks the opportunity to acquire valuable deep-sea pearls. What adds to the allure is the chance to multiply your pearl rewards by an impressive factor of 666.
  • Special Fish Drill Bit Lobster: This distinct capture, when struck by a weapon, penetrates through multiple fish before detonating. The number of fish lost during this explosive event serves as a multiplier, offering substantial rewards. (Note: In case of disconnection, you’ll receive rewards based on your current score without preserving the game state.)
  • Thunder Consecutive: Initiated by both the Lightning Chain and the Super Bomb Crab’s defeat, these area attacks create an opportunity to capture an abundance of fish, resulting in thrilling gameplay.

Special Weapons

  • Golden Bomb: Activating the Golden Bomb multiplies your bet by 50, resulting in a small explosion in the fishing area. However, there’s a potential risk of eliminating nearby fish.
  • Torpedo: This bomb-like ammunition is perfect for inflicting substantial damage or causing widespread destruction. To activate it, click the Torpedo button and tap on a giant fish on the screen. Each shot deducts the bet by a factor of 10 and is especially effective against both large and small species, albeit at a higher bet cost.

The Immortal Boss 

  • Immortal Boss: Once the immortal boss makes its entrance, players have a continuous opportunity to win prizes until the boss departs.
  • Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer: These Immortal Bosses, referred to as Multiplier Puffers, can increase in size upon being hit.  As they expand in size, the larger these entities become, resulting in more valuable rewards.
  • Unlocking Power-Ups and Bounty Games
  • Awaken Boss: During the exploration of Ocean Kings, players have an opportunity to trigger Power-Ups that come with significant multiplier rewards. 
  • Bounty Game: Capture a Bounty Crab, and players can roll the dice to initiate the Bounty Game. In this scenario, players have the opportunity to capture crabs, unlocking generous rewards and potentially obtaining up to 1200 free laser weapons (with Joy Hall offering rewards of up to 600 times).

Free Nuclear Bomb and Energy Management

  • Free Nuclear Bomb: Players build up energy by using their weapons, and when the energy bar is full, they can release a powerful nuclear bomb, causing widespread destruction.
  • Energy Conversion: The energy meter converts energy based on the current bet, determining if players can deploy free nuclear bombs.
  • Energy Management: A player’s energy resets three minutes after leaving the game or in case of disconnection. The stored energy is automatically used when the energy meter remains full for three minutes.

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

The rewards in the Bombing Fishing Game depend on capturing 29 different types of fish, including both regular and unique fish. Here are the payout rates for each of them:

Fish TypePayout Range
General FishMultiply by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
Golden Fishx35, x40, x45
Functional FishThunder Consecutive: x50 – x70Serial Bomb Crab: x60 – x80Drill Bit Lobster: x20 – x80
Immortal BossMultiplier Puffer: x20 – x100Golden Toad: x70 – x120Lobster King: x90 – x150
Awaken BossCrystal Crab: x80 – x200Fortune Turtle: x100 – x250Golden Dragon: x140 – x350
Bounty GameJoy Hall Star Crab: x10 – x30. Bonus Crab: x200 – x600x (Joy Hall)Star Crab: x10 – x45. Bonus Crab: x200 – x1200x (Regal Hall and Golden Hall)

Jackpot Mastery – Bombing Fishing Success Tips

Jackpot Mastery - Bombing Fishing Success Tips

Focus on Valuable Fish

Concentrate on shooting high-value species like Golden Fish and boss fish to score bigger payouts, making them prime targets for skilled players.

Opt for Manual Shooting

Choose manual shooting over automated options to maximize damage. Manual control is crucial, especially when competing with others. Strategically use torpedoes for extra firepower.

Keep Your Arsenal Updated

Regularly upgrade your weapons for competitiveness, boosting damage potential, and capturing larger, more valuable fish. Wisely use in-game resources to enhance your arsenal.

Understand Fish Movements

Study the motion patterns of different fish species. Anticipating their moves improves accuracy, making your fish-catching more efficient for higher payouts.

Embrace Patience

Success in the fishing game relies on precision and timing. Avoid hasty shots and wait for the right moments to target high-value fish or unleash powerful weapons.

Team Up in Multiplayer

Consider teaming up in multiplayer fishing games. Cooperative play helps target valuable fish, share rewards, and increases your chances of winning together.

Budget Wisely

Effective budget management is crucial. Set limits on bets for long-term enjoyment. Avoid reckless betting that depletes resources and hampers progress.

Stay Updated

Stay informed about game updates, events, or promotions. Developers introduce features and bonuses that benefit skilled players. Remaining well-informed gives a competitive edge.


Bombing Fishing is an action-packed shooting game that combines fishing with explosive excitement. Unlike traditional fishing games, it involves using weapons to shoot and capture various underwater targets.

To earn rewards, you need to shoot and capture different types of fish within the game. Each fish has its own value, and strategic targeting can maximize your winnings. Special features like bonus rounds, power-ups, and multipliers also contribute to rewards.

Focusing on high-value species like Golden Fish and boss fish offers larger payouts. Skilled players often target these top-tier fish for more significant rewards.

Opting for manual shooting instead of automated options provides better control over your shots. Manual shooting is recommended for precision, especially when competing with other players. Torpedoes can be strategically used for added firepower.

Regularly upgrading your weapons is crucial for staying competitive. Improved weapons increase damage potential, allowing you to capture larger and more valuable fish. Wisely using in-game resources helps steadily enhance your arsenal.


In conclusion, embark on an exhilarating gaming journey with Bombing Fishing at 49JILI, providing not only an adrenaline-pumping experience but also a unique exploration into the depths of the ocean. This fishing game combines dynamic shooting action, strategic gameplay, and a diverse range of targetable fish, ensuring endless entertainment for both seasoned players and newcomers. Sharpen your shooting skills, strategically target high-value fish, and enjoy generous rewards to enhance the excitement. Upgrade your arsenal, participate in multiplayer collaborations, and stay informed about the latest features to transform Bombing Fishing from a mere game into an immersive underwater expedition. Experience the joy of Bombing Fishing by joining now!

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